Fun Holiday Ideas for the Office

With Christmas around the corner, there are so many emotions floating about.  Excitement, joy, stress, anxiousness...Both good and bad emotions that is.  You don't want to lose productivity at work, but you also want to make the holidays enjoyable not only for you but your employees and co-workers. Here are a few ideas that you can try to keep the productivity going but show those at the office that it is Christmas time!

  • Decorate the office

Sounds quite simple, but even the smallest thing such as decorating the office brings the mood up.  Who doesn't get happy when they see a Christmas tree or paper snowflakes everywhere? Helping everyone get into the spirit will make the office feel more comfortable and less like work.

  • Bring in goodies

Bring in cookies or bagels for the office one day.  The surprise will let everyone know that you appreciate their hard work.  It also gives people an opportunity to take a small break from their busy day to say hi to a fellow co-worker or to collect their thoughts.

  • Small gifts

Giving your employees gift cards or even a mug with hot cocoa powder and a cute little stirring spoon will also show appreciation.  It is the season for giving even if it is something small.

  • Secret Santa

Do a Secret Santa for the office.  You can keep the budget under $10.00 or whatever suits your needs.  However it adds some excitement and suspense to the office. It creates a little buzz and gets everyone worked up, even if it is just a small act.

  • Holiday party

This holiday party can be big and fancy, or it could be small and casual. It is just a fun time to get together without the worries of work and being preoccupied.

  • Adopt a family

Ask the office if they would be willing to adopt a family for the holiday season and supply food or gifts.  It is a great way to bring the office together and donate to those who are not as fortunate.

  • Free time

Give your staff a little extra free time.  Whether you cut some overtime or you give them an extra day off, the least bit that you do will allow them to spend time with their families and feel rejuvenated for the next time they go to work.

  • Community service

As was said before, doing an activity related to community service will bring the office together for a positive reason.  It also will help with teamwork and allow everyone to get to know each other outside of the office setting.

  • Christmas cards

Get everyone together to take a photo for some Christmas cards.  Have fun with it and do a nice one then one that is silly and funny. Let everyone take a copy home but also send them to clients.  This shows you have the holiday spirit but also that everyone you work with is part of a team.

  • Bring Santa to work

Either you or someone else can dress like Santa, but have Santa stop in for an afternoon and invite your employees to bring their children for a little bit.  Have them talk to Santa!  It is a nice little distraction and it brings families to the office for a little bit so that more quality time can be spent during Christmas time, yet it is still productive.


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