Refresh your resume

If you have been in the job force for a while, then you probably have not taken a look at your resume.  Though many of those skills and qualifications still […]

Do references really matter?

First thing is first… What are references? When applying for a job, many employers will ask for a list of references.  A reference is a person that the employer can […]

Ten most common spelling errors to avoid

This list may sound silly, however in fact we are finding out that the majority of the English speaking population needs a refresher course. Spell check doesn’t always catch these […]

Disney Employment

The Walt Disney Company offers great potential for employees.  With so many different areas to choose from as well as the benefits, it is a company that helps its employees […]

Working in Canada

Read our following advice on employment in Canada. The employment situation The unemployment rate in Canada was 7.4% in October, 2012 English and French are the main languages spoken in […]

Working in Australia

Read our following advice on employment in Australia. The employment situation As of October, 2012 the unemployment rate in Australia was 5.4% The primary language spoken in Australia is English […]

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