Resume objective statement

A resume is composed of your experiences, skills and characteristics.  There is no doubt that you are accomplished, but with all of the other applicants how can you make yourself […]

Sorority Recruitment

The process of joining a sorority is similar to applying for a job.  Your resume, accomplishments and appearance is important as well as the personal interaction that takes place.  Sorority […]

Job recruitment

Sending out resumes and cover letters is exhausting and often times monotonous.  How do you know companies are reviewing your application?  You don’t, however companies are always on the look […]

Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) ?

What’s the difference between a resume and a CV? The primary differences are the length, the content and the purpose.  Moreover, resumes tend to be solely used in the US and Canada. […]

What’s a resume?

A résumé or resume is a document used for a job search, a summary of a person’s education, job experience and general skills. In many countries, it’s the same as […]

Resume Templates

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