Online employment

Convenient.  Flexible.  Interaction.  Expand.  Adventure. Do these words appeal to you?  Spark any interest at all?  Then you might want to look into online employment.  What do I mean by […]

Group interviews

So we have traditional interviews, open interviews, Skype and phone interviews and open interviews.  That covers almost all of the bases as far as the types of interviews, however there […]

Resume skills

When writing your resume, the majority is telling about your experience and skills.  It is important to not only put emphasis on where you worked and what you did, but […]

Resume objective statement

A resume is composed of your experiences, skills and characteristics.  There is no doubt that you are accomplished, but with all of the other applicants how can you make yourself […]

Combination resume template – Floral design

A combination resume is a mix between a chronological and a functional resume and it’s usually longer than the other two. Here you have a free combination resume template to […]

Functional resume template – Floral design

This is a functional resume with a lovely floral design free to download. A functional resume is one that is skills-oriented and doesn’t focus on experience or education. Its design […]

Resume Templates

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