Letters of recommendation / references

Letters of recommendation or references are good to include with your CV. They can be from previous employers or even past teachers. They do not have to be too long in length; just ensure that they are professional and highlight your previously demonstrated skills.

What should they include?

  • Addressee name and address if known
  • Date
  • Salutation ('To whom it may concern', or 'Dear Sir or Madam', or 'Dear <title> <surname>')
  • Confirm dates, job title(s) capacity, and salary and benefits details if required/appropriate.
  • Confirm that the person's performance and attitude was (at all times) satisfactory/exceeded expectations or standards.
  • Briefly explain the person's responsibilities (optional)
  • Briefly describe their skills/qualifications/strengths/characteristics (optional)
  • State that you would willingly re-employ the person if the opportunity arose (optional, and very re-assuring for the reader)
  • Offer to provide more information if required (optional)
  • Yours faithfully (or 'Yours sincerely' if writing to a named addressee)

N.B. It's a matter for the person's own discretion how much praise and positive information to include in the reference letter, hence the optional items.



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