During the job interview

It is advisable to read the following advice before going to your job interview. An employer can often make up his or her mind about a candidate within 5 minutes of being in that person's presence; it is vital that you make a good first impression.


Greet your employer and offer to shake his or her hand firmly. Make eye contact and smile. Do not address the employer by his or her first name unless he or she allows you to do so.

During the inteview, sit up straight with your hands on your lap. Do not put your elbows on the table or cross your arms as you will appear either too relaxed or too defensive.  Moreover, do not sit on the edge of the chair as this displays a sense of insecurity. Make sure you are comfortable positioned.

Hand movements convey a sense of openness and confidence, but do not come across as over confident or dramatic.


Think before you answer, but not for too long. You should have a basic idea of possible interview questions before you go to your interview to avoid long silences. If you feel as if you cannot answer a question, be honest with your employer and perhaps move the conversation to another related topic area that you can answer more efficiently.

Do not fall into the trap of constantly using conversation fillers such as 'Like', 'well' and 'you know'. You are bound to use them occasionnaly but using them too much gives the employer a sense of unprofessionalism. We recommend 'for example', 'moreover', 'as you are aware...', 'to begin with...'


Be positive and do NOT criticize past employers. You could perhaps focus on the weak points of your previous company and explain how you would have improved them.

Ask questions about the job as it shows you have done your research, but not too many. After all, it is your inteview.

And finally, thank the inteviewer for his or her time.

Other tips for during an interview:


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