Which Resume Format Should I Choose?

There are three types We have given you 3 types of resume: the reverse chronological resume, the functional resume and the combination/hybrid resume.

It is very important that you choose the appropriate resume according to your employment situation.

Choose your employment situation from the lits below and find your suitable resume.

If you have a lot of work experience in a particular field and want a promotion in this field

Reverse chronological. You want to show progress, advancements and achievements in your career which will benefit the job role in question. Do not simply list your job positions; ensure that you explain each job role carefully.

If you have a lot of work experience but want to change work fields

Combination or functional. You want to demonstrate your potential career strength but also show that your skills are adaptable to a new field of work. Make the employer aware of your positions but also your main attributes, for example, sales, recruiting, training etc. which will be useful for the job you are seeking.

If you have had gaps in your career 

Functional. You want to emphasise your skills and abilities and indicate how they are tranferable to the job you are seeking. Be prepared to explain career gaps in your interview.

If you have no previous work experience or have just finished your studies

Functional. You want to show your potential skills and abilities that you have aquired throughout your studies and how they apply to the job you are applying for.

If you have worked in several fields

Functional. You want to highlight how each position has benefited your career. Highlight any transferable skills.


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