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Social Media for Your Job Search

The warning signs are everywhere when it comes to making sure your social media is appropriate while searching for jobs. Of course, the reasoning is logical. You wouldn’t want a photo on Facebook to ruin your chances of getting a job.  However, it is possible to use social media and other applications to boost your chances of finding a job.  By looking at what each media site has to offer, you can highlight the different aspects and use them to your advantage.

Social Media

How to use Linkedin for a job hunting

Many hiring managers and recruiters in companies are using LinkedIn to post jobs and source candidates for employment. According to a 2012 survey by, 93% of employers are using LinkedIn, and 89% of them have hired through LinkedIn. You can search the jobs by keyword, company name, job title and location. Also there is the Advanced Search option to search by more specific criteria. It's important to take the time to create your LinkedIn profile, to get your connections, and to effectively use your connections to help with your job search.

How to use Facebook for a job search

network community technologiesThe ways of a job hunting has undergone a new big change into the world of social media in the past few years. Young job searchers are utilizing the social networks in order to find their jobs. According to Jobvite's Social Job Seeker Survey 2011, more than 1 in 4 ‘super social seekers’ successfully network through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Facebook has the highest volume of job seeking activity overall. More people are using Facebook for receiving job referrals, updating profiles, and making new professional connections.

How to use YouTube for a job search

YouTube has been a source of entertainment since 2005, bringing millions of users laughs, tears and some even to fame.  Not only can users get a good laugh or see the newest music video, but YouTube can also help users find jobs.  Aside from posting videos of yourself to gain attention, there are ways to utilize YouTube when searching for a job.

Free online portfolio hosting sites

These days, it is important for artists, designers, and photographers to have a web portfolio to showcase their work to potential employers and clients. There are platforms that allow you to easily create an online portfolio for free.

Social media jobs

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, the world is part of a social connection that is changing every second of every day. The change also brings about new jobs that are original and innovative.

Here are a few  Positions in the social media field that you can look into.


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