Europass CV

What is a Europass CV?

Europass helps individuals highlight their abilities in an effective way. It promotes the mobility of individuals throughout Europe by removing barriers to working, studying or training in Europe. It is free and enables people to present their competences, skills and qualifications in a clear way.

Europass consists of five documents that help potential employers, educational establishments and training providers understand which subjects have been studied, what training has been completed or how much experience has been gained working. It also records non-formal learning and language skills.

The five documents

1) Curriculum vitae 

When it comes to finding a job you need to stand out, you need to be noticed. You need to make sure that employers understand what you have achieved and what skills and qualifications you possess.

The Europass CV is the perfect way to promote your skills, your qualifications and your experience to employers.

The Europass CV is in a standardised format that is recognised, and used, throughout Europe. Whatever job you are applying for, the Europass CV presents your skills and competences in a clear format that makes it easy for potential employers to be able to understand what you are able to offer.

2) Language passport

When it comes to getting a job you need to stand out from the crowd; you need to show off your skills and qualifications, you need to promote yourself!

The Europass Language Passport is the perfect way to promote your language skills, qualifications and experience to employers.

Using a common European framework (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR) that is recognised across Europe, the Language Passport lets you show off how good you are at a particular language. Whatever language you speak, you can quickly demonstrate to employers that you really are speaking their language.

3) Mobility supplement

Listing your skills and competences is all well and good, but can you prove you have these skills? Can you verify the skills you list in your CV?

The Europass Mobility Supplement is the best way to verify your training experiences and the skills you have developed.

The Europass Mobility document validates the learning outcomes achieved during a time spent abroad training, working or learning. It also helps individuals to display their skills and competences to employers.

It is the best way to show employers evidence of the experiences you mention in your CV.

Europass Mobility requires involvement from three parties; the individual, a sending organisation and a receiving (host) organisation. Further information on the application process is available to download.

4) Certificate supplement 

The Europass Certificate Supplement is an appendix to vocational qualification certificates. It provides additional information to that which is already included in the official certificate, making it more easily understood by employers and institutions both inside and outside the issuing county.

The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by the awarding body (i.e. the authority that awards the original vocational certificate) but Europass provides the template, guidelines and additional information where necessary to that awarding body. The Europass Certificate Supplement will be automatically issued to you upon completion of your course. If your qualification provider does not currently issue the Europass Certificate Supplement you can ask them to contact us.

If your awarding body is City & Guilds, you can download your Certificate Supplement for free from the City & Guilds database

Please note that the Europass Certificate Supplement is not a replacement for your final award. Rather it is a means of providing others (e.g. employers) with more information about your skills and competences. The Europass Certificate Supplement should be presented alongside your final award certificate.

5) Diploma supplement 

As part of the Bologna Process all students, who graduated from 2005, should be issued the Diploma Supplement on the successful completion of any higher education qualification.

The Diploma Supplement provides additional details relating to successfully completed higher education qualifications, at all three cycles of study – Bachelor, Master's and Doctorate level. The Diploma Supplement outlines institutional details, course content, type of study, modules covered, and skills required to complete the programme. In addition it contextualises the qualification in relation to its national education system. The Diploma Supplement may be helpful for you to use when continuing with studies, embarking on further training, and/or applying for work.

Diploma Supplements are issued by the university or institution at which you studied. It is advisable to contact the academic registry at your university to determine whether they issue the Europass Diploma Supplement. You may need to make a request for one to be issued. Some universities may issue their own version or copy of the Diploma Supplement.

If your university does not issue the official Europass Diploma Supplement, but they would like to, they can arrange to do this through the Bologna experts. The National Europass Centre is able to help universities and institutions who wish to adopt the Diploma Supplement, by providing the template, issuing guidelines and offering assistance. Please note, your National Europass Centre does not issue the Diploma Supplements itself.




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