How to Write the Informational Paragraphs of a Cover Letter

Informational paragraphs

Informational Paragraphs


Opening sentence(s)

In a cover letter it is essential to convey the information as briefly as possible to the reader but still retain a formal and fluid writing style. The first sentence of the informational paragraphs in the cover letter should concern itself with the specific job one is applying for and how one found the job listing. These one or two first sentences should be short concise and to the point.

e.g. - I am writing to you in order to submit my application for the job opening of entry level marketing that was advertised on on the 19th of august.

  • Let the hiring manager know what job you are applying to
  • Also include where you found the job listing
  • Keep the opening sentance short concise and to the point

Body paragraphs

When writing ones body paragraphs it is important that one keeps the information short and focused and that the letter does not suffer from being either too short or too long. A typical cover letter should have 1 or 2 body paragraphs that summarize the qualifications one has for the listed job, gives relevant, concrete examples of work experience, and discusses why one would like to be part of the company. It should be noted however that the hiring manager has also received ones resume, avoid listing, or writing about all qualifications, it is important to pick the most relevant and recent examples. It is recommended to avoid explaining in detail what changes one plans to make at the company or other specific details that may come across as arrogant especially if the position is not managerial.

  • Summarise only the most recent and relevant qualifications for the listed job
  • Include concrete examples of relevant past work
  • Avoid lists or including too much information listed on your resume
  • Avoid proposing changes to a company at this early stage especially if the position you are is applying for is not managerial

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