Dressing for an interview

You sent in your resume and it turns out you look great on paper! The company wants you to come in for a job interview, but what to wear? You want to look as good in person as you do in your resume.

A company wants someone who will not only be great at his or her job, but also represents the company well.

The main key to appropriate attire is to look professional.

"The biggest mistake made when dressing for an interview is dressing too casually," said Hal LaPonsie, Manager at Sullivan's Steakhouse in Indiana.  "A suit isn't necessary, but something more than jeans and a t-shirt is beneficial."

Although many companies today are starting to dress more casual, there is nothing wrong with showing up to an interview on the more dressy side.  It is better to be over dressed for an interview rather than under dressed.

It is more than just looking good, it is also about respect for others and the work environment.

"Serving is a very public job, you are in the spotlight with your guests. Proper attire signifies social awareness, attention to detail and comfort in the spotlight," LaPonsie said.

Inappropriate attire such as low cut shirts or an unkept appearance could make others feel uncomfortable.  It could also be distracting for those in the work place which would take away from the productivity of the company.


For women:

  • Suit: a nice black suit jacket will match with either plack pants or a black skirt and almost any color of shirt. However, a plain white shirt always looks professional.
  • Shoes: heels should never be higher than three inches and shoes should always be closed toe and heel.
  • Jewlery: minimal jewlery, nothing that is distracting. Also facial piercings should be taken out until after the interview.
  • Makeup: neutral, light colors work best for an interview.

Remember that you are going to an interview, not a club or out with friends!

For men:

  • Suit or sport coat.
  • Belt
  • Tie: always a good idea to be on the safe side, but if you know the company is more casual and you can skip the tie, that is ok.
  • Shoes: a nice shiny pair of leather shoes (preferable that tie) always look professional.

Helpful Hints:

  • Shower.
  • Bring a mint, not gum.
  • Get clothes, resume and other necessary documents ready the night before.
  • Leave your phone in the car or at home.

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