How To Deliver A Presentation

Presentations, if thoroughly prepared, can give you the chance to really showcase yourself. Alternatively you may be asked to give a presentation on the spot. Whichever the case, read the following advice on presentation success. 


Research as much as you can about thet topic or company to ensure maximum understanding. Tailor your presentation to suit the needs of your audience. Make it relevant and don't waffle or describe things they already know. Add your own personal touch or opinion to the information. Research will also help you if you have a "question and answer" period at the end of your presentation.


Think of how you structured essays at school or University. Decide on your key message or argument that you want to get across. Like an essay, your presentation should have an opening, main body and end.

Your opening should capture the audience's attention- keep it short and clear. The main part of your presentation should be divided into three main parts and no more- you want your audience to remember your key points. Your ending should be memorable. Re-emphasise your main points and link all your points together to convey your key message.

On the spot presentation

  • If the presentation is on a strategic issue or problem solving, divide your thoughts into 3 parts:

1) What was the issue? 2) How did you resolve the isseue? 3) What was the outcome?

  • If the presentation is about yourself, think of it as a past, present and future structure

Tips to remember: 

  • Take two deep breaths before you start.
  • Take time over each word you say to feel more confident
  • Pause at the end of each sentence
  • Make sure you are comfortable and that you have a good posture
  • Make eye contact- this will cement your key message
  • Finish the presentation with a smile!






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