How to Use Linkedin in Your Job Search

Many hiring managers and recruiters in companies are using LinkedIn to post jobs and source candidates for employment. According to a 2012 survey by, 93% of employers are using LinkedIn, and 89% of them have hired through LinkedIn. You can search the jobs by keyword, company name, job title and location. Also there is the Advanced Search option to search by more specific criteria. It's important to take the time to create your LinkedIn profile, to get your connections, and to effectively use your connections to help with your job search.

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Complete and Update Your Profile

Create a detailed profile with your professional photo on LinkedIn, including employment, education, and websites. You can use your LinkedIn profile like your resume and provide potential employers with detailed information on your skills and experience.

Build Your Network

Creative light bulb with technology business NetworkBuilding connections of LinkedIn is a great way to network and create connections within your industry. As you have more connections, you could have more chances of having a connection who can help with your job search. When you're applying for jobs, make sure to use your connections to help your application for employment. Another useful job-hunting feature on LinkedIn is the alumni search. Try to get connected to your alumni and LinkedIn may help you find your next job.


Get Recommendations and Referrals

Get recommendations from colleagues, superiors and clients who express gratitude about your work. If a supervisor from your last job gives you any kind of recommendation or testimonial, ask them to post it on LinkedIn. You can even write out what you want them to say and politely ask them to post it.

Join Groups

Join industry groups that are a good match for your expertise and career objectives and be active in the groups. By joining groups in your industry, you can receive the latest news and job postings with daily updates. And this also will show how passionate you are about your industry.


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