Recruiting & Networking

Networking & Recruiting

Being an entrepreneur is often an independent endeavour initially. However, as your business idea develops into reality you are going to need help along the way. To this end, recruiting a good team to work alongside, as well as connecting with key business contacts through networking are essential tips for building a business.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to find the perfect people to recruit. To do this, there are three key tips:

#1: Your social network. You'd be surprised by the diverse skill sets that your friends have. Take advantage of these relationships and recruit those you think would benefit the company.

#2: is a brilliant website that connects people wanting to create Startups. You can join with tech co-founders, marketers, developers, and many more to start your company with.

#3: LinkedIn. This popular business networking site is a great way to search for recruits. You can clearly see what experience people have, and then choose someone who is most suited to your organisation.

Networking Team

Networking is also very important. Through LinkedIn, it is easier than ever before to do this. Moreover, it is easy to obtain the email address of many influential contacts - try to let as many people know about your business and what you are trying to achieve. Networking also goes further than the computer screen. You should try to connect with people in person as much as you can. Through this, potential contacts feel more comfortable and likely to help you and your business to succeed.

The last bit of advice for you is: Don't be too proud to accept favours or too secretive to tell anyone about your idea. The 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' sentiment goes a long way when starting a business.


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