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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a fantastic way to either develop your skills as a new entrepreneur in a small to medium-sized enterprise or to improve your business as a host entrepreneur through the presence of a motivated, new worker. Both parties benefit greatly from the programme and often gain invaluable lessons that can be carried forward in the participants' professional lives.

The criteria for applicants is based on two areas:

#1 New Entrepreneur: You have to be a serious budding entrepreneur looking to get some first-hand experience of a real-world entrepreneurial working environment. You also need to have a concrete business idea, reflected in a business plan, and be motivated to contribute to the development of your hosts' business.

#2 Host Entrepreneur: You have to be a person directly involved with entrepreneurship and a company that has been established for over 3 years. You must also be willing to mentor your new entrepreneur and give him/her the opportunity to contribute to the development of your company.

On the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs website, there is a clear guide about how to apply. To summarise this, there is a simple tool through which one must fill out the necessary information. After this you have to choose a local contact point - this is the place that you will be living during your year in industry. Here you will find the email address of the designated contact that you will have to get in touch with in order to sort out the logistics of your placement. On the website, you can also find other useful information about the programme, as well as success stories of people who have previously undertaken Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

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