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How to Be an Entrepreneur

At University, the extent of entrepreneurial activity rarely surpasses idealistic conversations at the pub. On numerous occasions I've exclaimed "Why hasn't that been invented yet!" and promised a mate that we'd do it and be rich beyond our wildest dreams. But these dreams never become reality. So how can I move from over excitedly splashing Fosters onto my housemate's shoes to becoming a successful student entrepreneur?

There are four skills you need if you are going to succeed as a student entrepreneur: intelligence, hard work,  innovation and resilience. A healthy dollop of luck always helps too. But let's say you have all of this in abundance, where do you go next? Well, the first thing you have to realise is that you'll be sacrificing a lot in starting a new business. Creating a company is time consuming and will likely mean you'll have to cut down social activities. Once you've accepted this then you can move forward.

So where next? Grab a pen & paper, and begin making a chart with all your ideas (no matter how unrealistic or crazy you think they are) - then just carry on your normal day-to-day routine but at the end of every day try to add another idea to the chart. Once satisfied with the number of ideas on your chart, review each one and pick the three best. Now fill out a Business Model Canvas for each idea. As these business plans develop, one will hopefully stand out as the obvious choice for your new business. Once you have chosen one, work on a more detailed business plan.

Now all you need is the finance to make your business a reality, and also should start thinking about recruiting staff to help your company succeed!


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