Top eBooks Under $5 on Volunteering

With so many options for volunteering, it is often difficult to choose the best option or even to know where to begin.  With these eBooks from and all under five dollars, you can begin your quest to helping others.

*Note: All ratings are out of five stars.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul

by Robert Clancy and Hugh O'Brian

Price: $4.11

Rating: 5

Borneo Bound

by Steve Morris

Price: $3.58

Rating: 4

Dream Trekker: A glimpse into international volunteering

by Gabriella Louise Sheldon

Price: $4.47

Rating: N/A

Your Guide to Volunteer Travel

by Sarah Palmer

Price: $3.54

Rating: N/A

How to Fundraise for Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

by Julia Ramos and Carolyn Luck

Price: $2.11

Rating: 5

Strategic Volunteering: 50 Ingredients to Transform Your Life and Career (Part 1)

by Mark McCurdy

Price: $3.50

Rating: N/A

How to Organize Successful Charity Golf Tournaments

by Patrick Cash, Ann Westlake and Johanna Socha

Price: $3.59

Rating: N/A

How To Set Up A Kick-Butt Volunteer Management Program (The Activist's Guide to Changing the World for VISTA Voluneers)

by Cheryl Antier

Price: $3.50

Rating: N/A

Publicity to the Rescue: How to Get More Attention for Your Animal Shelter, Humane Society or Rescue Group to Raise Awareness, Increase Donations, Recruit Volunteers, and Boost Adoptions

by Susan C. Daffron

Price: $4.86

Rating: N/A

How To Be A School Volunteer (Educating Our Children)

by Amy Vigilante and Waln Brown

Price: $4.82

Rating: N/A

101 Ways to Contribute

by Nathan Youssef

Price: $4.07

Rating: N/A

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