14 tips on how to get promoted

promotionTo be promoted or to earn your dream job, takes more than a friendly smile and the generic term "hard work."  Of course those definitely help and will get you to a certain point, but you need to also go beyond the basics.  With the employment rate at a low, promotions are also hard to come by.  This is why it is important to prove that you should be promoted and deserve the position.  The question is how?  Won't your employer notice all of your "hard work" and enthusiasm for your job?  Perhaps, but that just isn't enough; especially when everyone else is trying to get promoted as well.

These 14 tips on how to be promoted, will help you to reach that promotion.

1. Plan

The first step is to plan.  You need to analyze where you are in the company at the present moment and why are you there? Next, think about where you want to be and what steps do you need to take to get there?

Having a general sense of your role within the company will help you to reach your goals by pointing out your strengths and weaknesses.  Understanding yourself and the situation at hand will help you to formulate the following steps that need to be taken in order to be promoted.

2. Do your job.

Sounds easy, but often times we are so wrapped up in doing better or heading out of the office early for the weekend, that we forget our basic tasks that we need to do.  You were hired to do a specific job, do it.  For that matter, don't just do it, but do it well.  Yes "hard work" is over used but it is the basis for which your employer will decide if it is worth it to promote you.

3. Do not expect to be rewarded.

If you are constantly doing certain actions and looking for praise, stop.  It will never come to you that way.  Do your job and extra tasks because you want to.  Do them because it is helping not only you, but the rest of the company succeed.

4. Be prepared.

If you are going into a meeting, make sure you take notes.  If you are in charge of the meeting make sure you are confident in what you want to say and understand what you are speaking about.

5. Show your ability to grow.

Change is something that is continuous.  It happens within all companies and businesses in order to keep up with the demands and growth of society.  It is important for you as an employee to show that you encourage the change and are able to keep up with the growth.  For example, social media has become one of the most used forms of communication for companies to their consumers. By staying current with the social media trends and learning how it works, you are already a step ahead and are embracing the growth.

6. Have an attractive attitude.

Take notice that it says attractive and not positive.  Well what is the difference?  Positive gives off the vibe of always cheery, almost to the annoying point at times.  No one is asking you to be the cheer master of the office, especially on Mondays, however presenting yourself in a professional, open manner, allows you to be approachable and to get work done.  Knowing when to joke around and when to be serious is important.  Though you should enjoy your job and make the office a fun place to be, it is still important to remember that you are there to work.

7. Take risks.

In order to get a promotion, you must think outside of the box, think big.  Think about the big picture and think about how to get your employer's attention while helping the company grow as well.

8. Earn the trust of others.

This is not to say that you should be the confidant of office gossip or the secret keeper.  Rather, you should earn the trust of others by being reliable, doing your job and staying out of office gossip. Can your fellow coworkers rely on you to help with a project, and not just help but exceed their expectations?

9. Be loyal.

If you are trying to get a promotion within a certain company, you must be loyal to that company. Do not share the business of your company with others and searching for other jobs is certainly not going to get you that promotion any faster.  An employer promotes those who want to continue to be a part of the company and to share the experiences, both good and bad.

10. Challenge your coworkers and boss.

If you see a better way to solve a problem, or even see an error and you are certain that you are correct, it is ok to bring it to the attention of others. This shows you have taken the time to see other options and you have the courage to take a risk.  However, telling your boss he or she is wrong all the time isn't the quickest way to a promotion either.  Make sure you take into account how you approach the situation.

11. Be drama free.

Similar to earning the trust of others, being drama free will help you to do that.  Gossip is everywhere and hard to stay away from, but if you want the promotion bad enough, it will be easy to stay away.  Staying away from drama will help you to be less cluttered and able to focus on your job and getting that promotion.

12. Find a mentor.

If possible, find someone within the company that you can ask questions to or look to for advice and a second opinion on your work.  Occasionally a little extra guidance will help to point out where you can improve and where your stronger points are.

13. Be noticed.

Being noticed doesn't mean to be obnoxiously around every second of every day.  It means to use your voice and actions to create a positive acknowledgment of yourself.  If you see your boss in the hall, say hello.  If you are unclear about a certain point in a project, ask a question. There are many ways to make sure you are still on the radar at work without being a thorn in everyone's side.

14. Be patient.

Being patient is the key to many things, especially getting a promotion.  Depending on how business is going, promotions usually do not happen over night. Continuing your efforts however, will make it all be pay off in the end.


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