Medical Volunteering

There are several opportunities to volunteer in the medical field.  Whether it is directly in a hospital and working with patients, or more indirectly and doing behind the scene work, there are positions available for everyone. Helping in the medical field, allows you to give back to your community.  It helps those in need and who cannot care for themselves.  Volunteering also gives others hope for life after what they are experiencing.

Some opportunities for medical volunteering include direct contact with patients such as, helping out during coffee breaks where patients have social time and can interact with others.  Recreation volunteering involves incorporating activites such as dancing, bingo or gardening. Other options include taking patients to and from appointments or helping with basic needs.

More indirect volunteering options at hospitals or in the medical area are helping in the gift shop or general store.  In these places you may have more contact with families as opposed to the patients.

If you are looking for something less frequent, giving blood is an opportunity for you to help someone, somehwere.  It is a very small task, but saves lives.

Volunteering options:


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