Volunteering is working without pay for an organisation or group. Through volunteering, you can learn valuable skills to change jobs or help you get back into work. Read our advice to see how you can help yourself and others through volunteering.

What can volunteering offer me?

  • Volunteering is a way to improve your skills, especially if you haven't done any formal training for a while.
  • You can volunteer without formal qualifications. You still have skills to offer. Think about the areas in which you excel and what you enjoy doing.
  • Volunteering will not only give you work-based skills but confidence and people skills. 
  • Volunterring could eventually lead to a new career if you like what the area of work involves.
  • Many companies offer you training which can be used to your advantage later on in your career

What must I consider before volunteering?

  • Be clear about how much time you have to give to the organisation. Start small to begin with and build it up when you become more confident. This is also important for the company; they need to know how long you will volunteer for in order to plan their own time and resources. You're free to leave at any time as a volunteer but make sure you give them a few weeks notice.
  • Tell the company why you want to volunteer. That way, both you and the company will have the same sort of expectations.
  • Consider the skills you have to offer, perhaps that you have developed in your personal life. Are you good at looking after children? Or organising social events? Use these skills to target your organisation.
  • Whatever you decide to do, volunteering requires enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard and learn, without the added benefits of a salary.


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