How to Use Facebook in Your Job Search

The ways of a job hunting has undergone a new big change into the world of social media in the past few years. Young job searchers are utilizing the social networks in order to find their jobs, and so far they’re having great success. According to Jobvite's Social Job Seeker Survey 2011, more than 1 in 4 ‘super social seekers’ successfully network through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Facebook has the highest volume of job seeking activity overall, with more people receiving job referrals, updating profiles and making new professional connections. describes that currently, 47 percent of new hires through social media are referred through Facebook, which puts the social network ahead of LinkedIn and Twitter as a recruitment platform.


Update your status

Brainstorming vector elements backgroundThe most obvious way to use Facebook for a job hunt is to update your status with your current situation and what you are looking for. Your profile should reflect how you want to be seen professionally. First, try to write an update that is both compelling and relevant. It's best to leave information that's a little out of the ordinary. Second, tell your network how your job search is going. Talk about the companies that interest you and why you’re thinking of applying. And share interesting links and photos with your reason. If there is a beautiful photo, it'll be hard to resist checking it. If there's an appeal for a cause, a lot of people will take time to check it out.


Use Facebook for professional networking

We can assume that recruiters and potential new employers will be on Facebook. This gives you a unique opportunity to network yourself to whoever is hiring. Before contacting them, don’t forget to choose your professional profile picture and fill out in career-focused details. And also check your privacy settings. Once you identify a company that is recruiting, find out who the hiring manager is. Then send friend requests or share a fan page with them, to start getting an initial base for business networking.


Join groups and be active

You can join groups and fan pages to find people with common interests and to network with them on Facebook. You can add value to the group by starting discussions or posting. The objective here is to network with and get noticed by others in your industry, this could lead to you being considered for upcoming job opportunities even before they are posted.

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