Use social media to find your dream job

The warning signs are everywhere when it comes to making sure your social media is appropriate while searching for jobs.  Of course, the reasoning is logical.  You wouldn't want a photo on Facebook to ruin your chances of getting a job.  However, it is possible to use social media and other applications to boost your chances of finding a job.  By looking at what each media site has to offer, you can highlight the different aspects and use them to your advantage.


Facebook has many different tools.  Primarily, Facebook is used to connect with friends or family. It can help you do so much more.  By adding your work experience to your profile, you begin to build an online resume.  With this, it is visible to your connections on Facebook and it also creates an outline from which you can make a more in-depth resume.

Using the different pages in Facebook allows you to find out more information on a topic or company.  This is helpful for when you go into an interview and they ask questions about the company, you can then be prepared with information.  Often times the pages offer more information than a company website because they provide a little bit of personality along with the facts.  You can also create your own page on Facebook to act as a portfolio or a more in-depth profile.

By viewing, attending and creating events, you open doors for networking.  Though many of the events on Facebook are set up by your friends and not specifically job related, these events are important to attend.  They allow you to meet new people.  Meeting new people allows you to exchange ideas and converstations.  Exchanging ideas creates opportunities for job offers or new experiences.

Facebook also provides the opportunity for you to join different groups.  Take advantage of this.  You can join groups based on your interests or based on your profession.  By joining, you can meet new people, learn about different topics and find out about events that may be going on near you.

On Facebook you can network and collaborate to exchange information and ideas.  This process opens many different doors both for fun and professionally.


With Twitter, you can narrow or broaden the information you receive.  You can follow as many people as you would like or as few.  A benefit is that you can follow employers or companies to stay up-to-date with their discoveries and day-to-day happenings.  You learn not only information about who you are following but you also get a peek at their personalities.

You can also use your own followers to create awareness about you personally.  When you share ideas or information that is interesting to you, you allow others to kow more than just your resume.

In addition, using the trends on Twitter helps to specify what you are looking for and it is a convenient way to discover information that you might not have discovered on your own.

Twitter is an excellent source for quick ideas and collaboration.  By following different users you can get different opinions, hear different stories and immerse yourself in information that is not found in the newspaper or Facebook.  With only 140 characters, it is easy to get to the point.


This form of social media is ideal for the job search.  Similar to Facebook, you add connections and create a profile that reflects your experience.  With LinkedIn you can search for jobs and apply without having to leave the site.  You can also join groups or follow companies that interest you.  Similar to Twitter, you can post updates and share what you are doing with your connections.  LinkedIn is also a great source for uncovering the latest news, especially pertaining to your interests or profession.


With Instagram, you can visually share your interests.  You can also follow other users who share their bits of life and interests.  Instagram does not allow for extensive interaction, but it is a more visual way of sharing information and connecting.


Pinterest allows you to create a visual profile. Like the other sites you can follow who you would like and have followers as well.  There are categories where you can search your interests or specific topics, all of which are presented in photo form with a link to the original site. By having different boards to pin to, you can organize your thoughts and pictures.  Using pictures often times is refreshing and a good change of pace.  They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  So why not try telling your story this way?

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