Mistakes to Avoid on a Cover / Motivation letter

Mistakes on cover / motivation letter

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A cover letter is often the first point of contact between an employer and the applicant, it therefore provides an excellent chance to "sell yourself" provided your letter gives off a good first impression. Although many common mistakes on cover letters seem minor, if the job has other applicants, mistakes on your cover letter and resume could cause for a preference of other candidates by the employer.

Top 5 cover letter mistakes

  • Using the wrong format - Your cover letter should follow the standard format that employers are expecting. Avoid trying to differ yourself from other applicants in this way, especially when applying to a conservative industry. Also remember to use size size 12 for text and make sure to use a standard font such as Times New Roman.

How to write a cover/motivation letter

  • Using a wrong or outdated greeting - A respectful greeting is more important than it seems. A too generic greeting such as "to whom it may concern" especially when the name of the appropriate addressee has been given in the listing, can be interpreted as sign of carelessness.

How to write the salutation of a cover letter

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes -A cover letter is a way to display your communication skills to the employer therefore correct spelling and grammar is essential. Remember to also avoid contractions and abbreviations.

10 most common spelling errors to avoid

  • Sending a general letter - The number one mistake made when sending out a cover letter, is taking a generic approach. Avoid sending the same letter to a number of job openings as this is not the purpose of a cover letter, it should describe why you are the ideal candidate for that specific job at that specific company. It is an essential step to mention the job you are applying for and it is also good to include where you found the listing.

How to write the informational paragraphs of a cover letter

  • Too long or too short letters - There is no ideal length for a cover letter, it should be long enough for you to express fully the information that you wish to convey (while adhering to the guidelines), but short enough for it to be brief, concise and to the point. Sending a letter that is too short can give off the impression that you have a low amount of interest in the job, as well as the employer making assumptions about your work ethic. A letter that is too long on the other hand, can burden the reader and the likelihood skipping the letter becomes much greater.


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