Top 10 Twitter accounts to follow if you have a job or are looking

With so many people and companies using applications and social media, specifically Twitter, it is often hard to find who to follow.  What is appealing to one person may be different for another.  You want a good mix of humor, news and accounts that will benefit you. Well for even the most basic user in the business world, here are a few accounts that will enhance your Twitter feed.


This Twitter account will have you laughing and rolling your eyes.  The tweets are about occurances in the office or things that are work related that everyone thinks about or does, but just doesn't admit to it. Whether it is the casual walk around the office to waste a few minutes or limiting yourself to one drink after work because you have to get up early...they are all things we think about but just don't say out loud. This account helps to add a little humor to your work day and lets you know that everyone else is thinking the same.


Quotes about life is an account that provides little words of wisdom.  Having a rough week? Not sure how to go about solving a problem?  This account provides quotes of inspriation to remind you that there will always be tough times, but in the end it will all work out.  With such busy lives both inside and outside of the work place, it is important to remember the little things in life.

  • @Quotes_Life Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. - Haruki Murakami #quote
  • @Quotes_Life Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it. - Albert Camus


Just out of school? Inbetween jobs? Twit job search provides another source for finding a job.  It posts positions and allows followers to post qualifications.  This can help job seekers find employment as well as help employers find qualified people.

  • @TwitJobSearch Job of the Day: Group HR Operations Director - Skelmersdale or Barnsley, UK at Nutriculture


Forbes is an account that tweets about the newest revelations in business.  It also tweets about new tactics, rising leaders and influential people in the business world.  This is beneficial for any type of industry because it covers all types of topics and information about different areas of work.  It has tips on subjects such as how to succeed as well as articles on new developments.

  • @Forbes  Disk Drives of the Future ... Filled With Helium! (Link)
  • @Forbes How to Succeed, Since Success is Random, And Savor Life With Others (Link)


Another aspect to being well-rounded in the business world is to network and to be social. Any social gathering is a good way to meet new people, exchange ideas or just simply incorporate a little fun into your life.  Eventbrite tweets about upcoming events or ways to find out about events in your area.

  • @eventbrite Curious about the events your Facebook friends are attending? You can stop wondering now :
  • @eventbrite .@SunriseApp sends beautiful daily emails that pull together your web calendar, Facebook data, and Eventbrite events! (Link)


As much fun as receiving is, there is still a rewarding feeling in giving back.  Philanthropy tweets about ways to give back and how the community has been helped.  It also updates you on popular charities and trending causes.

  • @Philanthropy Ask an Expert: How to Recruit Volunteers to Raise Money
  • @Philanthropy Hunger & Poverty Relief charity: Project Peanut Butter of Maplewood Mo. #classyawards


Mint allows you to manage your own personal finances.  With this account you can learn helpful money saving tips or ideas as to how you can be successful with your money.

  • @mint Moving Up: 5 Ways to Prepare for Moving to an Expensive City: Whether you’re beginning your p... #MintLife #Minters
  • @mint How to Successfully Rent Out Your Home: Whether it’s to pay down a mortgage or cover the cost...


Having a basic understanding of Google Analytics is helpful no matter what business you are in.  With this account you can get your questions answered no matter how hard or simple, and you can also stay tuned into the upcoming trends that may help you in your job or business.

  • @googleanalytics Still not sure how to make a mobile-friendly site? It's actually really simple. Find out how at:
  • @googleanalyticsUsing GA Social Reports To Measure Your Site Content & Engagement in Google+


You cannot be well-rounded without a little heart and soul!  Stay on top of the music with the top hits and news in the music industry.  Not only does music improve your mood but you never know when these musical facts can help you out in your day-to-day tasks.

  • @billboard Foo Fighters Say So Long, Neil Young Stomps at Global Citizen Festival


Of course, after a long day of work or job searching, no one wants to cook.  That is why you need to follow Dominos.  It tweets about its specials and deals that are going on.  If you read the cannot resist calling for some food... it all sounds so good! YUM!

  • @dominos We can read your mind…RT if this is what you're thinking: I. Want. A. Medium. Pepperoni. Pizza.

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