Job Interview: Top 10 tips

So you've managed to get a job interview? Congratulations! But...the hard work has only just started!  The key is preparation. Follow these top 10 tips on how to prepare for a job interview and you will be one step closer to your dream job.

Top 10 tipsTop 10 tips

       1. Research

Research is a critical part of preparing for a job interview.  If the employer asks you the common question ´what do you know about our company?´ and you don´t know anything, it not only tells the employer that you´re not interested but you haven´t prepared for the interview.  Not only should you research the company but the role you are applying for.

      2. Arrive on Time

Arrive on time or even 10 minutes early (even better).  There is nothing worse than hearing the phrase ´sorry I'm late´ it not only  gives a bad first impression but  shows poor preparation and bad time management skills. If necessary, map out the route you need to take or do a trial run so you know how long it will take on the day.

      3. Revise your CV

It is vital to know your CV inside and out. Be prepared to speak about your skills, past experiences, hobbies and interests. Always remember to relate it back to the role you are applying for and avoid going off on a tangent, keep it short and sweet.

      4.  Practice Questions

It is a very good idea to practice an interview with friends or family to build your confidence and learn to answer questions with fluency without filling the gaps with érm´and ´hmm´.  Think of possible questions and and answers that the employer could ask you and try to answer them.

      5. Dress Code

Dress code is essential part of your first impression. Your future employer wants to be able to vision you in the role you are applying for, so make sure your appearance is of a high standard on the day. If you know you will be dressing more casual/smart for the role, it is always best to attend the interview smart and well dressed to give an excellent first impression.

      6. Etiquette

ALWAYS be polite, shake their hand and look the employer in the eye. Always use Sir or Madame unless the employer asks you to use their name. Throughout the interview never slouch or sit on the edge of the seat as this gives an impression that you are not interested and eager to leave. Sit comfortably, up right and hands on your lap. It is important to show a professional attitude throughout your interview.

      7. What to bring to an interview?

Do NOT turn up with a massive bag full of things you need for the gym or a bag full of things you don´t need. Be professional, take a professional folder including extra copies of your CV, references, a pad of paper and pen in-case you need to write something down.

      8. SMILE

Smiling and friendliness is important when presenting yourself in an interview.  Greet the receptionist and anyone that passes you with a smile, as you never know if they have influence in the decision process.

     9. Ask questions

At the end of an interview when the employer asks you if you have any questions, NEVER say no. You should have at least 5 questions written down to ask the employer to show your interest about the company and the role.

    10. Thank you note

A Thank you note is a thoughtful gesture of appreciation for the employer taking their time to interview you. The sole purpose of this letter is to make sure your name is kept at the front of the pile.  Keep the letter short as you just want to remind them of your interview and emphasise how much you do want the job. This will remind them of what a great candidate you were.






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