Recruitment: How employers do it

Not sure where to begin your job search?  Try thinking as though you are the employer.  Where would you go to recruit new employees?  How would you do it?  There are four main ways that employers use their resources to gain more potential candidates.

1. Traditional Recruitment

Traditional forms of employee recruitment include advertisements in newspapers or help wanted signs.  Though the Internet is very prominent in everything we do these days, it is important not to forget these other traditional ways.  Many times these jobs are overlooked because of the wide use of the Internet.  By keeping your eyes open while reading the newspaper or for signs as you walk down the street for coffee, you never know what opportunities may arise.

2. Recruitment by Referral

Employers look for new candidates by using referrals.  One benefit of referrals for employers is that the candidate already has a reference and which can save time and help to narrow down the choices right away.

3. Online Job Boards

The Internet has made applying for jobs easier and more convenient.  The convenience is not just for the job seeker, but also for the employer.  All of the candidate's information is submitted neatly and together allowing for the employer to easily view and select candidates for and interview.  Using online job boards also allows the employer to reach thousands of potential candidates.

4. Social Media

One of the newest forms of recruitment that employers use to recruit candidates is social media.  By posting job listings to Facebook or Twitter, they are able to reach thousands of people to say the least.  They are also able to attract a those who are more tech savvy, which is an important factor in today's work force.

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