College recruitment

Each year, millions of prospective students look at different universities and colleges to attend.  Some are more interested in sports, others are more interested in the academics.  Each university has something special and specific to offer its students.  However, it is not only the students choosing the best fit, but also the universities seeking the type of students they want to attend the school. College recruiting takes form in many ways.  Whether it is for sports, academics or simply a well-rounded person, colleges around the United States do their best to seek out students who will bring the best to the community.

The recruitment process takes a student from thinking about attending a university to ideally enrolling with the university.  Activities sponsored by the school allow prospective students to visit, view and get a feel for the life at the university or college.  These activities may include tours, fairs or sporting events. With these activities, they school is able to target students with various stages of interest.  The point is to enhance their engagement and step-by-step bring the student closer to enrolling.

In addition to activities, schools use marketing tools such as email, fliers or social media to attract the new students. These forms of communication highlight the benefits of the school and attempt to persuade the prospective student to go to an event or join the community.

Universities and colleges also make special visits to high schools in order to describe the benefits and experiences of the university.  It is a more personal approach and the prospective students can hear real life examples from current students attending the school.

Another way to entice specific students to attend is by offering scholarships.  Whether it is for sports or academics, schools give out millions of dollars each year to attract the best quarterback or the next honors student.  Offering financial aid is another way of marketing and recruiting students since the price of education is often more than a student of family can pay at one time.

By looking at a school's website you can see what they have to offer and help make your decision based off of your experiences with that school.



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