Job recruitment

Sending out resumes and cover letters is exhausting and often times monotonous.  How do you know companies are reviewing your application?  You don't, however companies are always on the look out for the next employee of the month.  In addition to making sure your qualifications fit the bill, you can also seek help from recruiters and headhunters.  Here are some tips and terms to help you approach the job search in a different way.


  • Post your resume on a job site.
  • Contact a headhunter.
  • Drop your resume off personally to apply for jobs.
  • Contact a recruitment agency.
  • Attend career fairs.
  • Network.
  • Use a career coach.
  • Do your research.


Career coach- A professional who is similar to a personal trainer, but for your career. He or she is a mentor, advocate, partner and sounding board for all issues related to your career or job search.

Career fair- It is an opportunity for a company to meet and accept applications for a large number of potential candidates.  At the same time, a potential candidate has an opportunity to meet various employers.

Headhunter- A professional who tracks the work experience of a candidate and can precisely locate a suitable position and company.

Freelance- This is a job position where a person works for him or herself.  This position means you bid for temporary jobs with one or various employers and is flexible.

Hidden job market- Between 5 and 20 percent of all job openings are mad known to the public.  The rest you can only find out about by doing extensive research and some digging.

Job search agent- This is a program that's offered by many job sites to allow job-seekers to search for jobs by selecting specific criteria for new job postings. The program also emails the job-seeker a list of new job postings that fit the criteria he or she is looking for.

Job sites- These list the available job opportunities available based on job function, location, salary or any other option you choose to search for.

Networking- By networking a job-seeker uses his or her list of contacts to help assist in finding a job.

Recruitment agency- This is a business that works for an organization to find people for specific jobs when the organizations needs to fill that position.


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