Social media jobs

Technology has brought us from being in the cave man era to the era of social media.  Once we were figuring out how to light a fire using rocks and now we have an app on our phones that is a virtual lighter.  This new phase of technology has brought about various forms of social media.  From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, the world is part of a social connection that is changing every second of every day. The change also brings about new jobs that are original and innovative. The question is how do you search for them?  What are the titles? How do you know what you are looking for?  Here are a few positions in the social media field that you can look into.


Brand Manager

Digital Media Manager

Director, Online Communications

Director, Social Media Marketing

Director of Social Media

Director of Social Media Strategy

Engagement Coordinator

Interactive Media Specialist

Internet Marketing Coordinator

Multi-Media Communications Specialist

Online Content Coordinator

Social Media Analyst

Social Media Designer






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