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Sometimes traveling to Africa to help the people in need is not always the easiest way to give back to the community.  Sure it is a great cause and the people really need help, however many of us have busy lives with jobs and families to take care of.  Giving back to the community does not have to mean that you fly halfway across the world to give your time to those in need. Volunteering in your community is greater than you can imagine.

You can volunteer your time with the elderly in nursing homes or assisted living by being a friend or helping with activities.  You can also make sure the patients get to their appointments on time and safely.  Along similar lines, volunteering in hospitals is another way to get involved.  Whether you work directly with patients or in the gift shop, you are helping the community save lives and provide dedicated services.

Volunteering at homeless shelters or food pantries also provide a service that directly helps those in need.  Many of the shelters rely on donations and volunteering.  By serving lunch or even helping behind the scenes, you are helping your community get back on its feet.

Building houses with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity for those who are less fortunate is a volunteer opportunity that provides a huge service for the community. Organizations such as this rely on volunteers to help with manual labor to accomplish the set tasks.

With the past natural disasters and the more recent ones, volunteers are always in need to help provide food, water, clothes and basic necessities to those who lost their belongings in the storms.  Rebuilding their homes and the community also requires several volunteers.  It takes more than a few days to recover and restore all that was lost.

If you have an extremely busy schedule and cannot find the time to physically help, most if not all organizations accept donations.  Something is better than nothing, even if it is small.  Several schools and organizations put on fundraisers for various charities.  Donating either time or money to these events also help.

Another small effort that can be done is to simple spread the word.  Creating awareness helps others to see the need to fix an issue in the community.  If others are aware, they can then make the choice to help give back and create a stronger community.

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