Top eBooks Under $5 on Volunteering

With so many options for volunteering, it is often difficult to choose the best option or even to know where to begin.  With these eBooks from Amazon.com and all under […]

Top eBooks Under $5 on How to Get a Promotion

Need help figuring out how to advance your career?  Amazon.com has several resources to help guide you through the process.  These eBooks are just a few examples.  Why eBooks?  For […]

Disability discrimination

Disability discrimination is when an employer that is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or Rehabilitation Act treats a qualified candidate who has a disability differently or unfavorably due […]

Racial discrimination

Discrimination can come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Literally.  Racial discrimination in the workplace is more common than we think.  Though it may not be as obvious as previous […]


Your qualifications should be the only thing that you are judged on when applying and interviewing for a job.  However, sometimes that is not the case. Discrimination is treatment or […]

Gender Discrimination

It is against the law to treat someone unfairly because of their sex (or gender) in the workplace. The law on gender discrimination applies to both men and women. All […]

Pregnancy and employment

We recommend the following advice for job searching whilst pregnant. It is important that you know about interviewing whilst pregnant, when you should tell your employer and the pregnancy and […]

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