Pregnancy and employment

We recommend the following advice for job searching whilst pregnant. It is important that you know about interviewing whilst pregnant, when you should tell your employer and the pregnancy and disability law.

Interviewing whilst pregnant

  • You do not have to inform the employer about your pregnancy during the interview. Whether you're pregnant or not is not relevant for the job in question, and ensure the interview goes as normal (i.e talking about your qualifications) before mentionning anything about pregnany.
  • It is up to you when to tell your employer but remember that he or she is going to find out soon enough and will not want to have felt misled.
When should I tell my employer?
  • This is a personal choice but it would be advisable to tell your employer when you start to show that you are obviously pregnant. Alternatively, there are people that have waited for months.
  • Remember that it is a lot easier to arrange hospital appointments if your employer is aware of your pregnancy. Moreover, you don't want your co-workers to think you are seriously unwell if you are taking time off work.
When can I take maternity leave?
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act allows you to take 12 weeks maternity leave
  • Your employer is not obliged to continue paying you whilst you are on leave. However, they are obliged to give you the same job or a job with the same salary on your return
  • Check with your employer for any other benefits
When do I go back to work?
  • This depends on the employer. They may also let you come back to work part time at first.

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