Sick Leave

If you take time off from work due to illness, you may be entitled to sick pay.

There are 2 types of sick pay:

  •  Company sick pay (also called contractual or occupational sick pay)- If your company has their own scheme you should be paid what you are due under that. This will be stated in your employment contract (which should be give to you within 2 months of starting work). Often companies will only allow you to have company sick pay if you have been at the company for a minimum period i.e 3 months
  •  Statutory Sick Pay- If you aren't entitled to anything under a company scheme, your employer should still pay you Statutory Sick Pay if you are eligible.
Proof of sickness
Be prepared to present your company with a doctors note in order to recieve company sick pay.


Employer's discretion
If your employer believes your case is unjustified he is allowed to refuse company sick pay. However, in doing so they must ensure their descision is free from discrimination.


Injury from work (physical or psychological) 
If your employer is responsible for your incapacity (injury) you may have a legal right to make a personal injury claim. This applies to both a physical or psychological injuries (eg, stress). You should speak to a lawyer or trade union representative if you are considering this.




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