Following our post on Background Check, we thought we would highlight the role the internet has to play in employer's search for a good candidate. Our personal lives now invade our professional lives due to unsecure social networking sites  and the use of Social Intelligence. Here are a few things to keep in mind when spending time on Twitter and Facebook:

  • Language- if employers use a screening service to see what type of person you are via social networks, they will be able to see all your expletive-filled rants and misspelled statuses. Not a great first impression.
  • Social Intelligence has stated that for each applicant it investigates a thorough search into the last seven years of social network activity is required. Beware of racist language, mentions of drug taking, sexually explicit photos or references to violence.
  • Think of social intelligence as an extended form of referees- they give a far more detailed account of your role within the workplace and character.
  • The more senior the role, the more scrutiny you will be subjected to. Your online reputation is part of your professional reputation.







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