Getting Promoted

Read our following advice on getting a job promotion.       

  • Notice your bosses interests and be positive. This is a vital communication skills that applies in daily life. If you don't like something that your boss does, approach the conversation with a positive contribution that links in with the subject.
  • Don't be over enthusiastic. You can't do everything and besides, it is likely that the more you opt to do the less likely these projects will be of quality. Find out what opportunities are most profitable for the company and explain your project choices.
  • Take time to get to know everybody. Build strong relationships with your bosses but don't forget other people in the workplace. If you aren´t friendly, people will take a dislike to you and the likelihood of your boss promoting an unpopular candidate is not great.
  • Help your boss hit his targets and get him recognised for doing his job well. He won't forget you come promotion time.
  • Put your boss in a position where he cannot afford to lose you. Be visible- don't just be an email address. Being vocal or meeting clients is a visible sign to others that you are confident and successful.




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