Salary Discussion

Salary discussion in a job interview, on the phone or in any circumstance does not have to be uncomfortable. Read the following advice to find out the information you want to know without being rude, forceful on inappropriate.

  • When the question of salary first arises: If the question of salary arises, perhaps suggest the following: that you would first like more infomation about the job, and what sort of figure is usually budgeted for that position.
  • What salary do you expect? Ask the employer what they would typically pay someone of your experience and education
  • If the employer insists on a figure from you: Review the figure with the employer by pushing the discussion back to them “From the research that I have done it appears to be in the $60–70,000 range. Is that the range you had in mind?"
  • What salary were you making in your previous job? If it is difficult to compare then say so. State that you would be more interested in hearing what the package you offer is, before comparing the two jobs.
  • Would you consider a lower salary here? State that you need to know more about the job- perhaps there are perks that your previous job didn't offer. State politely that you want to be fairly compensated for the work that you do and what you will bring to the company in terms of experience and education.
NOTE that these tactics attempt to direct the conversation back to the employer in order to find out more about the company before an offer is made. Do not negotiate until an offer is made.




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