The Video Resume



Video resumes are becoming increasingly popular as it gives companies the opportunity to view your social skills and perhaps a hint of your personality before a potential interview. All you need is a video camera and internet access. You can then upload your video to Youtube, Google Video etc and send the link to the company in question, adding it to your CV.

However , it is important to consider the negative aspects of the video resume as well as the positives, as well as our tips when recording your video resume.


  • Video resumes give you the opportunity to show off your public speaking skills.
  • Video resumes can distinguish you from other candidates, giving you a chance to personally highlight your skills and accomplishments.



  • Video resumes invite the issue of discrimination. Many employers want to avoid using video resumes as they can be accused of visual discrimination based on the person they can see in front of them
  • Only certain personality types can shine on video. Think of popular Youtube-made stars. They certaintly don't lack energy or humour.
  • Companies dislike video resumes as they take up too much computer space. They often prefer to stick to paper based traditional CVs.
  • Video resumes can by no means be compared to a traditional, one on one interview. Employers often prefer to see how you react to unpredicted questions.
Tips to remember
  • Your video resume should not be longer than 3 minutes
  • Wear professional clothing, as if you were attending an interview
  • Include answers to typical interview questions in the video
  • Look at the camera
  • Speak clearly and not too fast
  • Remember to state your name at the beginning and end of the video
  • Remember to thank the employer for his or her time
  • Be professional; focus on your career achievements rather than your personal ones
  • Upload your video to career networking sites
  • Include your video resume as a link in your paper CV

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