Job Interview: Top 10 Questions and Answers

Preparing for possible questions that could come up in an interview, will help you prepare and ease your nerves. Practicing possible questions and answers is an easy way to build your confidence and become familiar with the types of questions you could be faced with.

How to improve productivity at work

Whether you are simply tired or easily distracted, getting work done is more often a chore than not.  Though there are days work can be fun and entertaining, there is […]

Example of reference list

Your Name Phone Email References Name of Reference Your Relation Phone Email Joe Schmoe Professor at the University of Awesomeville 000.123.4567 Related articles: Reference letter example Do references really […]

Specific job requirements

A common mistake by jobseekers is to generalise their CV to an extent that reflects an impersonal approach to the company of the employer, without taking into account the specific job description. It is likely […]

Resume Templates

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