Specific job requirements

A common mistake by jobseekers is to generalise their CV to an extent that reflects an impersonal approach to the company of the employer, without taking into account the specific job description.

It is likely that there is competition for the job in question; you need to distinguish yourself from other competitors by focusing on your skills and qualifications that will directly benefit the company in question.

As an example, the following jobs are likely to focus on the following requirements when considering your CV and interview:


Sales representative

Key requirements associated with sales are quite obviously excellent sales and negotiation skills. People skills are also essential with regards to conveying your in-depth knowledge about a product to a customer, often on a personal level, whilst maintaining professionalism. Don´t be afraid of working on your own as well as part of a team; it shows initative.

Health and fitness instructor

The key requirement for a fitness instructor is undoubtedly the ability to motivate people into a  healthy lifestyle.  Quite often clients will lack basic knowledge of nutrition and healthy diet, and as a fitness instructor it is your role to        inform them in an approachable yet non-condescending manner. Be prepared to work on a one to one basis as well as    leading a large group, and remember, you must set an example for your clients with a responsable attitude to health and    safety.

Secondary school teacher

Requirements for teaching obviously differ from job to job, but generally the primary requirement to teach is a passion and enthusiasm for the subject you teach. Young adults quickly recognise  a teacher who isn´t interested in his or her own subject, often resulting in challenging behaviour. Patience and a good sense of humour will create a respectful atmosphere in the classroom, as well as excellent communication skills with your class.


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