How to improve productivity at work

Whether you are simply tired or easily distracted, getting work done is more often a chore than not.  Though there are days work can be fun and entertaining, there is no real way to cover up the fact that work is work and it needs to get done.  Before you lose all motivation, take a look at these suggestions as to how to increase your productivity.

  • The lists

There are three lists that you can make to help you accomplish your tasks.

1. The to-do list- this list is a list of things that must be accomplished today.  You cannot leave the office before these tasks are completed.

2. The not-to-do list- this list is a list of things you should not do. This helps to eliminate bad habits and prevent distractions.

3. The master list- this list is a list of everything in total that needs to be done.  The difference between this list and the to-do list is that the master list includes everything that needs to get done at some point.  Whether it is this week or this month, the items need to be done, but do not have a specific deadline.

  • Timing

Timing is everything.  Set deadlines, schedule phone calls or appointments and only allow yourself a certain amount of time to get a project done.

  • Set targets

By setting targets or goals for the day, you provide yourself with guidelines and a time frame in which they need to be done.  For example, you must make 100 calls for your sales job before the end of the day.  Of course you don't want to be there all day, but you know it has to get done.


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