What employers are really saying

We have all heard those few questions or phrases that seem to be common among employers. They sometimes sound kind, but deep down we really have a bad gut feeling about what they are really implying.  Here are the three most common sayings you will hear from employers during the interview process and what they really mean. 

1. " We will keep you in mind for future opportunities."

So clearly with this statement, you did not get the job.  It is not the end of the world, but once again it leaves you frustrated yet you have some small hope that they will remember you. Well not to break your heart, but when they say they will keep you in mind, they are not actually thinking of you everyday or even every time a new position becomes available.

What do you do?

You make sure that they really are keeping you in mind and not just storing your resume away in a filing cabinet.  Call them, check in and see if anything new is available.  However, don't become needy or call excessively, but it is alright to show them that you really want to work with that company.

2. "You will hear from us either way."

Well, sounds good so far....let's hope for the best.  In reality you may never hear from them again unless you put in the effort.  If they give you a date that you will hear from them by and you still don't talk to anyone, call them. Still if they are unsure, it is ok to contact them and to be persistent about the status of your interview and job application process.  Once again show how much you actually want the job.  Just make sure you are not leaving a dozen voicemails and 29 emails.  That may be considered annoying to some people and a tad bit creepy.  Use your best judgement.

3. "We have not finished interviewing."

What this really means is that you are not the number one choice.  Put yourself at the top by asking them questions about your own qualifications such as, "What doubts do you have about my skills or what can I clear up for you?"

In this case, it is not that the employer is telling a little white lie, but just that they haven't found the precise match that they are looking for.


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