New Year Resolutions: Are they really possible?

As the first day of January quickly approaches you think to yourself "Where did the time go?"  Everyone thinks that and yet there is never a response.  You have accomplished so much within a year, yet you still have so much left to do.  How is this possible?  Often times you still wonder if you really put forth your best effort or did you sometimes just get by...

Then you think, "That's it!  This year I will make a list of my New Year Resolutions! Oh but wait...there are to many and I never end up doing them anyway."

Yes, everyone thinks that also, not just you.  However, what everyone doesn't realize is that these so called resolutions actually can be accomplished and narrowed down.

Now you are reading this skeptically thinking..."Ok, I have heard that before, but let's hear your two cents.  You are probably going to tell me something about motivation and hard work and blah blah blah."

Well, yes, hard work and motivation are always important and the key to success...but I would be preaching to the choir if that is all I said and left you to it.  There is no secret to being successful when it comes to New Year Resolutions.  It is all how you go about making sure that you accomplish those goals especially when it comes to the office or work environment.

Here are 10 easy steps to get you on your way to making sure this year's resolutions aren't a complete flop:

1. Hard work/motivation....I had to say it just as a reminder.

2. Make a "last year list" of your resolutions from last year.

3. Analyze those, see what worked, what didn't work, which ones came close to working, etc...

4. Make an "upcoming list"  of events, projects or tasks that you know are coming up in the new year.

5. Look at those and analyze what you need to do in order to prepare (not to accomplish but to prepare) for those.

6. Make a "this year list" of resolutions consisting of five or less resolutions.  This list should be based off of your "upcoming list."

7. Compare the "this year list" to the "last year list." Do you see any trends in the way you worded or went about your resolutions from last year?

8. Re-word you resolutions on your "this year list" so that they do not emulate your previous resolutions and so they are to the point, yet focusing on the big picture (i.e your "upcoming list")

9. Proofread.

10. Wait until January 1st to put these in action...enjoy the rest of your year...or what is left of it.

*Remember to look at your lists often, even the one from last year when you didn't accomplish any of those resolutions.

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