Common Career Goals

In order to make money, we must get a job.  Once we have that job, it is up to us to drive ourselves forward to succeed.  Setting career goals help us to stay focused and to gain more out of our work than just powering through the day.  By learning and growing with our jobs we can see what areas need improvement and what really works.  Here are a few common career goals that will help lead you to ultimate job satisfaction.

Growth within a company

  • Change is something that occurs everyday.  The sooner you realize and accept it the better off you will be.  Therefore, by allowing yourself to grow with your job or within a company you will see new possibilities and opportunities.  These may come in many forms.  For example, you may find a new job, a new market, a new way of communication etc...All of these are examples that will not only benefit others but yourself as well.

Financial goals

  • Setting your financial goals are important.  If you are getting underpaid you may begin to feel stressed or frustrated and lose your motivation to work.  By setting your financial goals, you learn and understand what you should be paid according to the type of work you are doing.  You also allow yourself to prepare for the future whether it is providing for a family or your own personal needs.


  • To be happy and thankful that you have the job you have is very important also.  Not many people have jobs they enjoy, and it is not always their choice.  However, working in an environment you enjoy should be one of your top goals.  Your mood and productivity will increase.  Sometimes that means sacrificing a few dollars from you paycheck, but wouldn't you rather show up to work ready and enthusiastic?

New experiences

  • Adding new experiences to your list of goals can come in many shapes and sizes.  Whether you switch jobs or travel for a while, you are gaining knowledge that you wouldn't otherwise if you stayed in one mindset all of the time.  New experiences open your eyes to possibilities and ideas.  No matter what your job is, there is always room for inventions of some kind.  Maybe you come up with an idea as to how to better use a program or you implement a brand new program.  New experiences also allow you to spread the knowledge you gain and share it with others. Knowledge is something that is best taught through experiencing something yourself.


  • Striving to do better and being rewarded for it is an excellent goal.  You work hard and it is important for others to notice.  Aim to get a promotion or a bonus.  Being the best of the best is not a bad thing to strive for.


  • Improving communication is a goal that is always necessary. You may think that you have the best communication skills in the entire world, which is fine.  However sometimes it is not you, but others that need improvement.  Either way, by working on communication you are growing and enlightening yourself to new experiences.

Build a personal brand

  • You know who you are and you know the quality of your work.  Why not make you, yourself, a brand?  Get your name known for who you are and what you do.  What better way to improve business and to branch out on your own.


  • Instead of always going with the flow, why don't you develop a new way of doing things.  Of course it is not that easy and you can't just do this out of the blue.  However if something is not working anymore or as efficiently, why don't you step up and think of a way to fix it or create a new way of going about it.


  • You should always stay motivated.  No matter the situation, hard work and motivation leads to something, somewhere that is beneficial.

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