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Top eBooks Under $5 on Preparing for College

Preparing for college requires a few necessary steps.  From tests to applications, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what to do next. Take a look at these eBooks found […]

Top eBooks Under $5 on Resumes

Embracing technology is a must in today’s society.  Not only will it keep you up-to-date with the latest occurrences, but you can use it to your benefit, for example when […]

Resume Resources

Templates and outlines can only get you so far when it comes to resume writing.  They help to provide a guide, but don’t exactly tell you what to say or […]

Ten most common spelling errors to avoid

This list may sound silly, however in fact we are finding out that the majority of the English speaking population needs a refresher course. Spell check doesn’t always catch these […]

Working in Canada

Read our following advice on employment in Canada. The employment situation The unemployment rate in Canada was 7.4% in October, 2012 English and French are the main languages spoken in […]

Resume skills

When writing your resume, the majority is telling about your experience and skills.  It is important to not only put emphasis on where you worked and what you did, but […]

The functional resume


Opposite to the reverse chronological resume, a functional résumé lists a candidate’s professional experience, skills and studies sorted by area or function. It is used to make the recruiter focus […]

The reverse chronological resume

One of the most common resume types is the one where information in organized in reverse chronological order. It usually covers the last 10 to 15 years of the candidate’s […]

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