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Templates and outlines can only get you so far when it comes to resume writing.  They help to provide a guide, but don't exactly tell you what to say or how to say it.  If you are not experienced in writing resumes, constructing one may be on the more difficult side.  Well, good news is here.  There are several websites that offer help when it comes time to editing or constructing a resume. A second set of eyes is never a bad idea.

Free resume critique

  • By uploading your resume, this site checks for 20 common errors. It grades your resume as well, letting you know if you need improvement or if it will work.

Professional resume writer

  • A professional resume writer can offer more personal, yet unbiased suggestions to help improve your resume. They also have sufficient knowledge about keywords and how to phrase your experience to make you stand out yet still truly represent you.

College career centers

  • Often times, your university will have a career services department where they can help you with your resume and finding a job.

Career website advice

  • Sites such as and offer advice on how to write a resume, what to include, what to leave out and common mistakes.

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