Working in Canada

Read our following advice on employment in Canada.

The employment situation

  • The unemployment rate in Canada was 7.4% in October, 2012
  • English and French are the main languages spoken in Canada depending on the region
  • The average hours worked per week are 36.5
  • If you are not a citizen you will need a visa to work in Canada
  • In order to obtain a visa for Canada you must meet all of the requirements and pay the fees to apply

Finding a job

CV, cover letter and interview advice

  • You must remember to prepare your resume according to the Canadian style. Here is an example of what to include.
  • Prepare for your interview by having a copy of your proof of residence and references
  • Make sure your cover letter is short and clear like most should be
  • It is always appreciated if you send a thank you note after the interview

Resume Templates

Recommended eBooks