Working in Australia

Read our following advice on employment in Australia.

The employment situation

  • As of October, 2012 the unemployment rate in Australia was 5.4%
  • The primary language spoken in Australia is English
  • Australia's government uses a point system to prioritize jobs by market requirements
  • If a job is not in high need, the chances of finding a job are low
  • In order to work in Australia, you must either be a citizen or acquire a visa
  • The best way to acquire a visa is to have a sponsor or an employment contract

Finding a job

CV, cover letter and interview advice

  • CVs and resumes for Australia are a little different than those for European countries and the United States.  Though they are similar in the information they share, the layout is different as well as some required information. Take a look at an example.
  • Include a short, clear cover letter with confirmation that you have been granted a permanent residence visa or that you are in the visa application process.
  • Very few employers will speak with potential candidates without an in-person interview.
  • During an interview, have copies of your proof of residence and references.

Resume Templates

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