Part-time/seasonal employment

With the economy the way it is, finding a job is hard.  Finding a job that pays well is even more difficult.  The competition is crazy and times are tough.  Part-time jobs and seasonal employment help bring in the rent money.

Part-time employment such as working in a restaurant or a retail store allow you to use your free time to earn some extra cash.  Working part-time is nice if you already have a job or if you are in a transition period.  It is also an excellent option if you are still in school.  Working full time is not ideal for students.  With the hours of a job and the hours of school and homework combined, it makes for a full plate.  That is where part-time work comes into play because it allows for the ability to still focus on school, but still make money on the side.

Seasonal employment is similar to part-time work.  Seasonal employment is only available during the seasons such as holiday breaks or summer vacations. During Christmas or Thanksgiving time, many retailers are looking for extra work and will hire to fulfill that need.  However, be aware that many times after the seasons, the extra help is not needed, hence the term seasonal.  The benefit is that for example a student may have to much to worry about during the school year, but during breaks has plenty of time to earn extra money.

If you are in need of money these two options could help out your situation.  Although they are not full time positions, they do provide some compensation instead of earning nothing.


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