How do you shake it?

As if employers don't have enough to judge you on during your interview, let's just add one more to the list: your handshake. Your handshake is just as important as your appearance.  It is one of the first impressions that the employer will see of you.  It sounds silly but an uncomfortable or awkward handshake sticks out in an interview.  It is not always words that speak for you but actions as well. A handshake can tell a lot about a persons personality.  In order to express a confident demeanor, your handshake must be confident as well.

The appropriate handshake has these elements:

  • Firm
  • Dry
  • Appropriate spacing between you and the other person
  • Eye contact
  • Up and down shaking motion
  • Casual shaking pace (not rapid)
  • About three pumps, no more than five

Avoid these types of handshakes:

  • The dead fish

The dead fish lacks form, function and force. It is similar to holding a "dead fish" so to speak.  Let's be real here, who wants to hold a dead fish?  Literally and figuratively.

  • The vice grip

The vice grip is so strong that you crush the other person's hand.  It is painful, uncomfortable and starts you off on the wrong foot. You are not the Incredible Hulk, therefore you do not need to exert your strength in this situation.

  • The finger grab

The finger grab is for princesses.  It is a very delicate touch of the hand and does not serve a purpose unless you are royalty.  In this case, you are neither a princess or royalty.  So do not do this, ever.  Until you become a princess, then it is okay.



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