Ants are the best leaders of the workforce

Ants are pests. Quite the obvious statement. However taking a closer look at them, not only are they scary looking and gross, they live very organized lives.  They have committments, responsibilities and jobs. This sounds very familiar...Could it be that ants are more like humas than we think?  Are there things we could learn from these small insects that are easily crushed by a tap of our boots? Yes! We can learn important life values from these pests.

Ants live and work together in communities.  Within these communities, each ant has a role to play.  There are the worker ants who gather food, protect the colony and build the nest.  There is also the queen ant whose job is to reproduce.   Each ant contributes a small part to create the big picture so the colony can survive. Without each role, the colony cannot survive.  Ants realize that building and maintaining the colony cannot be done by just one member.  It takes teamwork and responsibility from all members to succeed.  Ants also do not report to a higher power.  They have a sense of personal responsibility.  So what can we learn from this?

  • Responsibility
  • Personal responsibility
  • Teamwork


When applying for jobs, there is always a section that explains the responsibilities of a specific job.  It explains what you are supposed to do in that position and what you are to oversee.  Each individual has a responsibility and specific duties to take care of that contribute to the company. As a whole, these responsibilities and jobs are for the best interest of the entire company and ensure that productivity is at its finest.

Personal Responsibility

Similar to responsibility, one's personal responsibility is to be in charge of a specific job.  However with personal responsibility, it is up to each individual to have to drive to accomplish set goals or tasks.  A company as a whole has a responsibility to provide products or services but it is the individual person that works inside the company that works with others to provide.   Therefore, it is important to remember you get out what you put in.


When ants work together they can build a colony and survive, but a single ant cannot do the work by itself. A company as a whole can flourish, but a single employee cannot do it all alone.  Along the same lines, sometimes it takes only one person to stop the whole process.  It is important to recognize every strength and weakness that an employee has.  Once recognized you can enhance the strengths and use other strengths to compensate for the weaknesses.

If we as sophisticated beings take these lessons and use them in the work environment or even at home, we are sure to flourish. At work there are several roles or departments within one company. Together, all of these roles create one whole company that produces a product or service.  Individually, it is impossible for one department to produce the same results.  It is always stressed how important teamwork and responsibility is.  Often times it goes in one ear and out the other.  However seeing how these two concepts help a different society than our own, it is clear how much easier and more successful a group can be if these concepts were implemented daily.


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